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An Entrepreneur’s Dilema

Q: Should I DIY my web work? A: What is an hour of my LIFE worth?

Here’s the Problem…


We know you CAN work on your website…but SHOULD YOU? Is there REALLY a savings?


What takes an hour for you, we can do in minutes. What’s an hour of your time worth? Much more than the time it takes us.


After ALL the costly hours you spend (and all that frustration), you still have a DIY quality website…


So here’s the DIY formula: (3X Cost + 10X Frustration) X 1/3 Quality = 🙁 X U!

Here’s the Solution!


Hire your own IT Team! We are expert web developers and certified digital marketers!


Every minute you spend on your website is lost opportunity for your business…a pure waste of your most valuable resource–time.


Let us save you time and frustration and beat the crap out of your competition! Don’t think quality matters to your customers? THINK AGAIN!


BMG Success Formula: 2X (Your Business) + 1/2X (Your Stress) = 🙂 X U!


As a perpetual entrepreneur I know business can be rewarding but we both know it sure isn’t EASY. It takes determination and a team dedicated to your success. You can’t do it all yourself…and hiring a full team comes with a high price tag. Let’s save you some cash and get your business growing! I look forward to working with you…

Stephen P Tullius
CEO Business Mastery Group